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Welcome to The Bodymechanics

Established by two physiotherapists with a background in Sports Science, the clinics at Walton-On-ThamesThe River Club; Moorgate and Guildford are designed around the biomechanical assessment of movement which forms the basis of how we look at the body.

We can analyse any movement and make it better. We are always keen for a challenge so if you have seen people before and no-one has been able to help, get in touch with us. Whether you want decreased pain or improved performance, we can help set you on your way to achieving that goal.

Following a session with Bodymechanics you will learn more about what your body is capable of and leave with the understanding and power to improve your health.


Following a long and difficult labour which resulted in an emergency caesarean section, Lisa found herself experiencing severe pain in her ribcage, The doctors ruled out any sinister cause for the pain but were at a loss for a diagnosis. Bodymechanics quickly found that amongst other things a rib was out of alignment and after some treatment and 'strapping' Lisa was soon able to breathe without pain and to lie down and sleep for the first time since her son's birth!


Greg Cackett Sprinter

Since starting work with us, Greg has achieved the same start speed over 10m as his coach and mentor Linford Christie and the great Usain Bolt. "Bodymechanics physios work completely differently to other physios that I have seen before. Thanks to them and the way they work, I can execute skills in my running that I wasn't capable of doing before. They have made my start ten times better, keeping my body moving more linearly moving in a straight line. They keep me in alignment and straighten me up. Everything they do and the techniques they use work so I thoroughly recommend them".



"Bodymechanics have been brilliant at not only curing my injury, but also diagnosing the root of the problem. Regular treatment by the physios enabled me to run pain free by becoming more symmetrical and placing less stress through my inflamed Achilles' tendon.
Bodymechanics have a unique approach of assessing the whole body in order to discover why a certain area is injured. The physios are amazing and have allowed me to continue my athletics training without having time off for injuries."

back pain

Chronic Pain

I have been struggling with a number of chronic injuries now for over 5 years, Dave is my 10th Physiotherapist during this time and I have made more progress with him in 5 months than I have in 5 years. Dave has a whole body approach so will not just look at whats hurting but will source the root of the problem and address that. Dave is approachable and personable and I can't recommend him enough.

back pain

Back Pain

James is 35 years old and has suffered with back pain for many years. Previous treatments had worked on his painful back, but we found that postural issues due to repeatedly using a mouse were a major contributor to his problem, Correcting his posture has cleared the pain and allowed him to enjoy both work and sport.


Really excited about the official opening of our clinic space in Guildford. Happy to be hosted by Field of Fitness in Chapel St. Make time to head out to the shops and get yourself assessed at the same time!!

A massive well done to Virginia Mitchell and Susie McLoughlin who got Masters gold in the 400m last week. We have been keeping them ‘on track’ for a while now and all efforts have paid off!!!!