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awelcome to a new way of looking at things

Bodymechanics is a dynamic, progressive company, striving to give you the best health experience possible. Forward thinking, innovative, and built on sound principles, we are the first point of call for people experiencing minor to complex health issues. We pride ourselves on root cause analysis of your problems, explaining our decision making throughout the process so that you feel involved and engaged in your pathway back to health.

All our clinicians are trained in a very specific modus operandi but each brings with them a wealth of knowledge and unique experience. We all work to a number of core principles but are flexible enough to modify out thoughts according to the problems that we are investigating.

We have sought out opportunities to acquire best practice and different thoughts and perspectives but are always keen to further our knowledge by exchange of ideas with others experts inside and outside of healthcare.

Why Choose Us

aA revolutionary approach

All physiotherapists at our clinic use the same integrated approach to assessment that associates areas of the body together. This allows us to target the origin of the problem as well as decreasing the symptoms you feel. The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) was taught and designed by Diane and LJ Lee, world renowned therapists who run a yearlong course that incorporates all systems of the body to create a unique framework of assessment. Their insights and teaching have made our therapist's skills sharper and more refined to give you the best possible treatment.

bApproaching your problem from a different direction

By using the ISM approach, practiced by only a select number of therapists worldwide, no problem is too big or too small. At Bodymechanics, we want our clients to feel they know exactly what they will get when they come to a clinic and that they will leave better than when they arrived. We pride ourselves on assessing and treating problems that others have failed to resolve.

cLearn how to make yourself better

We will design a specific home exercise programme for you so that your muscle get used to working in the way they need to in order to achieve your goals. This will empower you with the knowledge and control to learn to change your posture and movement patterns.