We provide a wide range of treatments and services at all three of our clinics. Find out which clinic is nearest to you.



We are open Monday – Friday across our four sites in Hersham, Walton-On-Thames, Worcester Park and Guildford. We try and cater to a variety of schedules, so can usually offer appointments from 7am until 9pm most days.

Initial Asessment

This will last up to 45 minutes and during this time we will ask you about your present complaint and any significant past medical history. Our focus will be on your ‘meaningful task’; the movement or activity that is restricted by your current complaint. We will design and explain a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs and may feature future sessions, taping, acupuncture and a home exercise programme.

Follow up

These will last up to 30 minutes and will focus on developing your specifically designed treatment programme. We will carefully monitor your progress and ensure you are kept on the right track to ensure you are symptom-free.

Changing an appointment

Please try and give us 24 hours’ notice if you wish to reschedule or cancel an appointment with us. If you are unable to provide this notice then you will be charged the full amount of the appointment.

What to expect/what to bring?

All problems lead to compensations around the body so we will be assessing you from head to toe. We would ask that you wear comfortable clothing e.g. sports or leisure wear and if possible bring shorts to change into. Women may prefer to wear a sports bra or strappy top. If you are a keen exerciser, please bring your footwear in order that we can check they are suitable for you and any patterns or wear./span>

Medical Insurance

We are approved by a wide range of health insurance companies and it is usually a case of contacting your provider so they may issue you with an authorisation code. Please bring this and your membership number to your initial assessment. It is advisable to check your policy as you may need a referral from your GP in order to have the treatment authorised./span>


We are happy to see patients who are wishing to self-fund. We offer discounts to any members of affiliated clubs and we are also happy to offer a discount to those patients who are self-funding and wish to book a set of appointments in bulk. Please get in touch with us to discuss this.