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We were happy to host a school Q&A for the parents of a local junior school recently and were quizzed about growing pains. The key element of the question was 'when do we assume the pain is indeed a growing pain and nothing more serious?'. This is a great question. The full answer is available on this link however the brief overview is as follows:

All pain (adults and children) are assessed in their severity when presenting to a clinician. Is the pain waking you? Can you control the pain eg with pharmaceuticals? But most importantly, is it stopping you from functioning and doing the things that you like to do day to day? With children in particular, once the pain restricts them from their favourite activities, it is time to take notice.

As regards growing pains, the next question is - are they growing?! This sounds obvious but often, children increase in height and size and we as parents haven't even noticed. Regular measuring of height is a great gauge, as is whether you not their feet are growing. If the pain correlates to increased growing speed - there is a high likelihood of classifying the pain as 'growing pains', if not, taking things more seriously more quickly would be advisable.

Food for thought, but please do click the link to our short YouTube video for more information.

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When do you take the pain more seriously than rubbing it better?

When do you take the pain more seriously than rubbing it better?