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Using our comprehensive understanding of biomechanics and functional anatomy, we can assess any movement that is causing you a problem.

Our biomechanical assessment involves a postural analysis and the breakdown of any movement or activity so that we can assess and correct any issues. If you want to know what the cause of the problem is, rather than have someone assessing the symptoms - Bodymechanics are the way forward.

The goal of everyone at Bodymechanics is to get you feeling better, faster. Targeting hands-on treatment to the right area of the body ensures a fast recovery from pain and a swift recovery to performance.

True root cause analysis of a problem in the body relies on a systematic approach to assessing the body holistically. Our aim is to empower you with the tools to understand your body, what needs to be improved and how you can achieve it. Feeling the changes that we can make in clinic will give you the understanding of what your body needs to move better, feel better and be better.